Network Design Process – Effective Network Planning and Design



The network planning and design methodology describes a process with 9 specific steps and sequence for those activities. As mentioned it is an engineering life cycle that supports technical initiatives such as Windows migration, IP telephony and wireless design to name a few examples. The methodology begins with examining company business requirements. It is absolutely essential that you understand the company business model, business drivers and how they are growing from a business perspective. Who will build the foundation for the design proposal that serves the business, technical and operational requirements of the Company

Step 1 :. Business requirements

Any design project starts with an understanding of what the company does and what they need to accomplish from a business perspective. This starts with an understanding of their business model, which really describes how their company works from operational and business perspective to generate revenues and reduce costs. Many vendors today have conducted their own return on investment (ROI) studies for new type as Unified Communications and Telephony. It is an effective sales tool that shows the cost benefits compared with investment over a specified period

This is a list of some typical business drivers :.

• reduce operating costs

• Generate Revenue

• Customer Satisfaction

• Employee productivity

This is a list of some typical tasks business requirements

• budget constraints

• Office Consolidations

• mergers and acquisitions

• Business Partner Connections

• telecommuter Remote Access

• Implement new offices and employees

• New Data Center Applications

• reduce network outage costs

• Cost Effective Network Management

• Vendor Contracts

STEP 2: Design requirements

Now that you understand the basic business requirements of the company, you can determine the standard and specific design requirements. The design requirements process is focused on defining requirements from a technical perspective. These requirements and companies will build the framework that is used to define infrastructure, security and management. Design requirements are defined as standard and miscellaneous. The standard design requirements are generic and are considered by many design projects. Several conditions are those that are not defined by any standard requirements.

• Standard Design Requirements

• Performance

• Availability

• flexibility

• Standards Compatibility

• Rapid Deployment

STEP 3: network assessment

A network assessment is conducted after we have finished the business and design requirements of the company. A network assessment provides a quick snapshot of the current network of observation infrastructure, performance, availability, management and security. This information is used to make effective policy recommendations and design proposals to the client for certain information system changes. Mat network model has 3 sequential activities, which are assessment, analysis and recommendations. The current network is examined five primary surveys: infrastructure, performance, availability, management and security. Once the surveys are completed, the information collected is then reviewed for trends, problems and issues that are negatively affecting the network


After doing a network assessment we are ready to start selecting specific infrastructure elements for the network design. This phase starts building the infrastructure with a specific sequence that promotes effective equipment selection and design. It is important that you consider business requirements, design requirements and network assessment when building your infrastructure.

The following numbered list describes the specific aspects of infrastructure and special order.

1. Enterprise WAN Topology

2. Campus Topology

3. Traffic Model

4. Equipment Selection

5. Circuits

6. Routing Protocol Design

7. Address

8. naming conventions

9. iOS Services

10. Domain Name Services

11. DHCP Services

STEP 5: Security

We must now define a security policy to ensure the infrastructure. The need for enterprise network security should not be ignored with the proliferation of the Internet. Companies are continuing to take advantage of public infrastructure for connecting national and international offices, business partners and new acquisition company. Safety requirements and network assessment recommendations driving range of safety equipment, protocols and processes. It identifies what assets must be protected, what users are allowed access and how those assets will be secured

STEP 6 :. NETWORK management strategy

This section will define a network management strategy for managing all equipment defined from infrastructure and security. It is necessary to define how the equipment is going to be monitored and determine if the current management strategy is adequate or if new applications, equipment, protocols and processes must be identified. Management components are then integrated with infrastructure and security to finish building the proposed design. These primary elements comprise any well-defined management strategy and should be considered when developing the technology.

• 7 Management Groups

• SNMP Applications

• Monitoring Device and events

STEP 7: proof of concept

All infrastructure, security and management components must now be tested with a proof of concept plan. It is important to test the current design, configuration and IOS versions in a non-production environment or on the production network with limited disruption. Implementation of new network elements on the way, for example, may require that you change the current IOS version that is implemented. Make the changes may affect WAN or campus modules already installed at production routers. That is the real value of doing a proof of concept and confirms that the new equipment and IOS versions integrate with each device as well as the network. The following list describes the advantages of doing a proof of concept with your network design. The proof of concept test results should be viewed and used to modify current infrastructure, security and management information before forming a design proposal. The proof of concept model suggested here involves prototype design, equipment requirements, defining tests, building equipment scripts and view results.

1. Prototype Design

2. Provision Equipment

3. Define Test

4. Build Equipment Scripts

5. Review Test Results


With proof of concept completed, you are now ready to build a design proposal for the design review meeting. Intended audience could be the Director, CIO, CTO, Senior Network Engineer, Consultant or someone approved budget for the project. It is important to present your ideas clearly and professionally. If a presentation is required, Power Point slides work well and could be used to support concepts from the design proposal document. Emphasis is placed on it usually consists of the design proposal and the sequence for the information.

The working design proposal is presented to the client after addressing any concerns from proof of concept assurance testing. The design review is an opportunity for you to present a proposal for the design to the client and discuss any issues. It is an opportunity for the client to identify concerns they have and the design engineer to explain. The focus is to negotiate any changes, if necessary, and make changes to the infrastructure, security and management for the implementation begins. Business and design requirements can change from project started which sometimes will necessitate changes to infrastructure, security and management of information. Any changes should then go through proof of concept testing again before final changes to the design proposal


The final step will be to define database implementation process for the specified design. This describes a suggested implementation methodology proposed design, which should have minimal disruption to the production network. As it should be efficient and cost effective as possible. As with previous methods it is a series that should be utilized as well. When the project is completed, it is monitoring network for any problems. Design and configuration changes are then made to respond to problems or concerns.

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What is Bioengineering


Bioengineering also know that Biomedical Engineering is a discipline that combines engineering expertise with medical needs for the enhancement of health care. Bioengineering integrates engineering science with biomedical and clinical practice to improve health in 3 points.

  • Advance knowledge of living systems by applying engineering, biology, imaging and computational science analyzers.
  • Add function of living systems by designing devices, systems and living based on biological and non-biological components.
  • Prevent injury of living systems by building models, algorithms and tools that may predict or guide behavior.

main advances in Bioengineering include the development of artificial joints, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), cardiac pacemakers, Arthroscopy, angioplasty, bioengineered skin, dialysis and heart-lung machine.

Bioengineering Specialties

By combining biology and medicine with engineering, biomedical engineers develop devices and procedures that solve medical and health-related problems. A person involved in bioengineering field can choose to specialize in a variety of specialty areas, including the well know specialty areas in the bioengineering field are:

1. Bioinstrumentation

Bioinstrumentation is applied electronics, principles and techniques to develop devices that are used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The advanced technology in computer science plays an important role in bioinstrumentation. One example of bioinstrumentation device imaging system, a device that allows medical specialist to review and analyze 3 dimensional images taken from their patients. Increase computing technology & power is needed to process large amounts of information in medical imaging systems.

2. Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the study of mechanical parameters that drive the living system motion. Biomechanics experts, people are laid in human organs, parts development, these human organ parts artificial heart valve replacement heart, the artificial kidney and artificial hip.

3. Clinical Engineering

Clinical engineering is the application of technology for health care in hospitals. Clinical engineers work with other medical team to adapt the equipment to the specific needs of the hospital. This often involves the control interface with computer systems and customized software for device control and data analysis.

4. Rehabilitation Engineering

rehabilitation engineering is a new and growing specialty area of ​​biomedical engineering. Rehabilitation engineering involves the design and application of technology to restore to the physically disabled. Biomedical engineers contribute to all areas of rehabilitation engineering: communication enhancement for the hearing and speech, wheelchairs and wheeled mobility, prosthetics technology for orthopedic and trauma

Projects biomedical engineer


The examples of major contributions biomedical engineers are

  • design and construction hjartagangrá | a, defibrillators, artificial kidneys, heart, blood vessels, joints, arms, and legs.
  • Designing computer systems to monitor patients during surgery or intensive care.
  • Hanna instruments and equipment for surgery, such as laser eye surgery system or device for the automatic delivery of insulin.
  • Hanna clinical laboratories and other units within the hospital and health care delivery systems that utilize advanced technology.
  • Designing, building and investigating medical imaging systems based on X-rays, magnetic fields (MRI), ultrasound or new procedures.

In summary

Bioengineering is a discipline that integrates engineering sciences with the life sciences to improve health.


Where Did Computer Software Come From?


In 1935, the mathematician Alan Turing Enska proposed first known theory of software in his essay “computable numbers with an application to Entscheidungs ​​problem (decision problem).” Actual “software” term was first used and printed by statistician John W. Turkey in 1958. It was used in computer science and software engineering studies to refer to the information processed by computer systems, computer programs and data.

Most historical trace of the first products of computer software in the first software bug found in computer systems in 1946. Later, in 1970, the term “Moore’s Law” was coined to explain the main elements of computing system, where the first element, the computer software, which then joined the devices in computer hardware.

Computer software was originally offered in conjunction with the hardware of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Popular OEMs of time, Data General, Digital Equipment and IBM. Since Hardware company originally bundled their software, they were not able to claim the software as an asset. Data Gen introduced the Data General Nova, and the company Digidyne pursued Data General Nova RDOS to the operating system for its own hardware clone her. Data General refused to license its software and then kept ‘bundling rights “. This set specific precedent in the history of software – in 1985 the Supreme Court, with Digidyne v Data General, ruled that the data Gen will be licensed operating system software because of their limited license was illegal Tying arrangements. . This decision increased the value of the software, making it possible to buy computer software patents. Data General was eventually taken over by EMC Corporation. Then, in 1986, IBM released the Disk Operating System (DoS) for free, and Microsoft was founded.

widely known visionaries Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft) took advantage of software ideas long before they started their own business in 1980 and have since created a multi-billion dollar company with a multitude of software offerings.


Inspection FHA Engineer’s Form and Certification


With the growing popularity Reverse Mortgage loan product for those homeowners 62 and older, loan processors are dealing more and more manufactured homes in their portfolios. Many seniors have chosen a manufactured home communities as retirement haven and community and recreational atmosphere lend itself well to word-of-mouth referrals and spreading news about FHA and Reverse Mortgage Loans benefits. However, the manufactured home loan presents a new set of criteria for the loan officer and loan processor as well as the borrower so be prepared in advance. Certain requirements are absolutes

1. The production will be a HUD home, which means it must be produced by 15 June 1976. If there are metal plates at the rear of the home that begin with three letters as CAL, arz, ore, there is usually a good sign. If HUD label is missing, usually signal verification code letter from the Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS) which will give the origin of the home will suffice. 2. Manufactured homes and FHA insured loans is classified and taxed as real estate. Lease may also be acceptable in certain cases. 3 axles and tongue must be removed. 4. manufactured home must have adequate perimeter fence with proper ventilation. 5. Must have a floor area of ​​not less than 400 square feet 6. Built and remains fixed chassis 7. Close grade increase the manufactured home must be at or above the 100 year return frequency flood height. 8. The home will sit on a permanent foundation.

and all the basic system, new and existing, must meet the guidelines published in the Permanent Foundations HUD Guide to Manufactured Housing (HUD-7584), dated September 1996. A certification attesting to compliance with this handbook must be obtained from a licensed professional engineer and the insuring file.

This last requirement may cast a loan processor in a pinch if they have a record pace manufactured home business before that this request will often meet on 11 hour loan closing. Nine times out of ten the assessment report will show that the home is the basic system so the processor or loan officer will not have alarm bells off pangs go away when they get this situation. Unfortunately, the appraiser often simply determines “permanence” strictly on the basis that the tires and axles have been removed or some other vague set of standards, not on the basis of basic attachments.

The reason for this requirement is to establish a national standard of consistency in inconsistent state insertion. While Manufactured Homes standard see the structure, plumbing, and electrical standards that must be met before leaving the factory, different installation standards from county to county, state to state. In addition, manufactured home unique in that they can either be called either personal property (real estate purchases) or property. In some countries, the distinction between personal and real property determined by the type of foundation and foundations that support the home. Since individual jurisdiction requirements vary significantly, Engineer Certification Letter helps to provide a standard for excellence. This is usually the underwriting criteria for all FHA loans, which also include Reverse Mortgages.

If your current home is already on the foundation, engineers can provide certification stating that the home meets the guidelines. If it does not meet the HUD guidelines, there are a variety of private or approved engineered foundation Retrofitting systems co-existing structural components. As in any industry, one size does not fit all in engineering and landscape engineers who specialize in manufactured home industry and HUD inspection specifications are even rarer still. Because there are a vast array of products that have been imported into the domestic market, knowledge about these systems is also an additional benefit since these have all been pre-engineered and stamped define all information systems. This also means that if the foundation does not meet FHA-insured conditions for a permanent establishment, the engineer does not need to re-invent the wheel with a repair recommendation — there are a plethora of products available to retrofit contractors. Therefore, finding the right combination of engineer and contractor industry team that understands the FHA lending process so that engineering certification does not reduce loan lock time line, is aware of the availability of a system that can resolve repair issues if they are necessary and can cooperate with both the lender and borrower to provide turn-key solutions.


What is the Refrigeration Engineer?


A refrigerating machinery engineer is a person who specializes in applications beyond the normal residential and commercial use of ecosystems, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, for example. Design and build thermal processing technology environment.

The career prospects kælivélavélfræðings is good. They make on average $ 52- $ 62 thousand a year.

Initial training or schooling could include beginning level engineering class in thermodynamics and HVAC Systems design is an intermediate level class for kælivélavélfræðings. The Advanced HVAC systems and energy saving classes are advanced heating and air-conditioning classes that focus on measuring the moisture associated with heating and cooling systems.

Energy conservation is emphasized, since most of these are large systems that are required to remove moisture from the air to cool it and a tremendous amount of energy can be wasted with older, inefficient system that can not keep up with the lower the humidity in the air, when trying to air condition it.

The type of person this is a profession is supposed to is generally technically minded, and understands the basics of cooling technology. It’s definitely good for those who are hands on, and have focused on green energy technologies in the more advanced stages.

In some of the advanced kælivélavélfræðings applications, they need to combine a number of elements to protect the power for bigger applications. For example, “green roof”, where dirt and real grass or garden plants are grown on the top of apartment buildings in warm weather climates is a good example of additional, more “green” or natural energy efficient features to improve conventional air conditioner.

Refrigeration engineers understand the need for proper air ventilation and filtration, heating and air conditioning systems to make them run efficiently. Commercial organizations like hotels have HVAC or PTAC units each heat and cool individual rooms, and are energy efficient because they can only be switched on when occupied. Also, because the cooling coils containing coolant, most of these units are now closed for the environmental recovery of used or broken-down units.

kælivélavélfræðings positions may require HVAC license if necessary to add coolant and work on individual units and a good run unit can save a lot of energy and money on the one that is in disrepair.

This is a job that will see a new and more efficient technology in the coming years bring. It is considered a “green job” because of the ability to make a difference in energy consumption with smooth operation and good repair of heating or air conditioning system.


Mechanical Engineering


One branch of engineering that has survived the economic gridlock addressing mechanical engineering. This field of engineering deals with innovative Science, mathematics and technology in the design, manufacture and operation of mechanical, machinery and other systems.

Innovation and design go hand in hand with the mechanical engineering and many complex products in use today directly from the aircraft to the ships are the result of hard work of mechanical engineers. This article engineering also covered the design of machines and related processes, which allows other components, such as shipbuilding, paper mills and car assembly plants. It also includes ideas related to energy efficiency in the various processes and the design of complete systems such as telecommunications. It is therefore one of the broadest branches of engineering with remarkable applications in the design, development and manufacture of various energy conversion and engine systems. Other subsidiaries of the kind of specialization are mechanical engineering Mechatronics engineering, Bío-mechanical and ocean engineering.

Opportunities for mechanical engineers like this abound in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, marine, manufacturing, biomechanics, power generation, oil exploration, oil rigs, heating and ventilation, air conditioning and robotics. Even emerging industries such as nano technology and particle technology mechanical applications and many mechanical innovations are being developed to tap other sources of fuel such as geothermal, wind, tide, solar and hydropower. These engineers are well paid industry and it offers a wide range of opportunities, are mechanical engineers usually no effect on the economic situation.

technical schools are one of the major institutions from where mechanical engineers graduate. They must, however, have excellent teachers and well-equipped laboratories for practical lessons. In mechanical engineering is more hands on, to be submitted spared to set up more workshops and labs as lathe and machine workshop, auto and thermal Labs, welding and foundry shops and fitting, carpentry and sheet metal shop.

Each year, industrial visits and exercises at the plant will come to expose the students in various industrial processes and better connect between theory and practice. Career guidance programs, self-assessment programs and seminars also been planned to open students’ eyes to future opportunities.

Co Recreational and extra-curricular activities will also be encouraged to ensure that students have a healthy development. Exclusive training and placement cell should be available to make students industry ready and real efforts need to be taken by management to ensure that all students are placed in various companies.


Work Together university Can Enhance Computer Software Engineer Salary


If the academic qualifications and skills is a stepping stone to get the job of computer engineer, it is an experience that can help increase computer engineer salary. Computer technology has entered so much in the lives of modern society every now and then new software will be needed.

Academic Options

To pursue a career engineer one need academic qualifications and degrees. In fact, there are two ways open for all to obtain such degrees. The first is a regular university degrees while the other is online degrees. One can become a computer on a regular degree obtained studying at university or if he or she does not have time or are employed, can learn online. Fortunately for such people there are numerous online universities that offer such degrees online. Only warning is that before opting for one of the online agencies for learning computer, a little homework is important for the aspirant who wants to pursue Computer Career.

Job Engineer of

main project engineer is to analyze user requirements. When they analyze user requirements, they would continue the design, construction, testing, and maintain the necessary software and systems. In connection with the programming they say computer, almost verbatim, the way activities. In the process they also solve all the problems.

Characteristics for good Engineer

good engineer needs to be very strong in the coding capacity. This is necessary to develop efficient algorithms and problem solving with writing code. In addition, they have a vision and new capabilities that most often they need to design new hardware and software or even an entire system. Another very important feature of the software engineer is a qualitative maintenance of the system that already exists.

Computer Software Types

Very often computer software engineer salary depends on job type. Mainly there are two types of engineers. One of them is the application of computer software engineers while the other is a system of computer software. The main task of the former is the construction, design and maintenance of computer programs during the later construction and maintenance plan for the company that could involve the setting up of the Internet.

experience, skill, ability and preparation work will involve mainly determine wages to pay for the computer software.


Italian Mechanical Engineering Business: A tool to find yourself Top


Italian engineering companies are among the best ones worldwide.

foreign entrepreneurs who want to do business with them find enormous difficulties to find their names and assess the financial asset. This article offers an easy and quick resource that foreign entrepreneurs can count on to find major Italian engineering company.

Foreign industry looks at the Italian engineering company with admiration. Many foreigner entrepreneurs choose for their factory machines made by major Italian companies. Being abroad, it is difficult for these businessmen to find an updated index of these companies along with its financial data, important to start good business.

People appreciated worldwide quality products Italian mechanical companies. Italian engineering products play an important role as far as the level of technological innovation (based on the products of other countries) is concerned.

Italy is particularly active in instrumental engineering which boasts very tend to move abroad (up to 70-80% of Grand total turnover). But this, we must add high technical standards achieved by this sector’s products, benefiting from solid manufacturing sector nourished companies known worldwide and research boards well trained.

Engineering industry produces and manages all the metallurgic and mechanical processes used to produce machines or parts and other items used in metal forging, printing, cutting, laminating, foundry, etc.

A business’ productivity-based machines used in manufacturing. Thus, it is advisable confidence of the best machines available in the market. This leads to another consideration: it is important to know which are the best Italian companies in the mechanical sector

If your company does not benefit yet from the Italian hosts, maybe you should seriously consider the idea of ​​upgrading your business. industrial buy Italian machinery.

There is a company called Anima which fosters the interests of the Italian mechanical engineering industry, promotes Italian machinery abroad, also provided technical and economic assistance to companies working in this field.

Nevertheless, the Italian company still experiencing many difficulties to come to the fore and we recognize that foreign entrepreneurs have no idea where to find the names of Italian companies operating in the mechanical sector.

The web is full of “addresses” websites, but these are not much useful, since in most cases the data have never been confirmed.

There are other websites that provide more information, but they only speak Italian!

Fortunately, there are some new resources, sell names and (most importantly) financial information of major Italian companies divided by sector and region, available in English.

If the Italian company, Mechanical Engineering and high quality machinery them is what you need to take your business to the top, you should turn this type of websites, providing economical data which collect financial position.


Internet Engineering Jobs á craigslist – Ábendingar til að finna og sækja um


Ertu reyndur tölva og internet notandi sem er að leita að vinnu á sviði Internet Engineering? Ef svo er, getur þú vilt að snúa sér til Þar craigslist hefur aukist í vinsældum, fleiri ráðningar einstaklingar og fyrirtæki nota þjónustuna til að finna hæft frambjóðendur starf. Þetta felur í sér einstaklinga og fyrirtæki sem þurfa Internet Engineering sérfræðinga, eins og þig.

Fyrsta skrefið í að finna internetkunnáttu störf, þar á meðal störf verkfræði, til að framkvæma leit. Þetta er auðvelt ef leita staðbundnum störfum. Þú heimsækja, velja ástand þitt, og þá velja næsta borg. Á vinstri hönd hlið af the blaðsíða, þú vilja sjá a leita kassi. Þú getur notað þennan leitargluggann eða flettu í vinnu hluta til að finna störf. Ef þú vilt leita margfeldi borgir í einu eða öllu ríkjum, sækja ókeypis craigslist leita tól. Annars gætir þú þarft að heimsækja hvor borg síðu og óháð leita hvert og eitt. Þetta gæti tekið tíma eða daga!

Óháð því hvernig þú leitar craigslist fyrir internetið tengjast störf, mikilvægur hluti af öllu ferlinu er að velja leitina orðasambönd skynsamlega. Þar internet verkfræði er setning sem inniheldur mörg mismunandi verkefni, byrja með sérkennum þínum. Ertu vefur program? Notaðu það sem leitarstrengnum. Ert þú með reynslu af MySQL? Notaðu það sem leitarstrengnum. Þetta gefur þér miða leitarniðurstöður. Það kann að vera nokkur hundruð internet störf verkfræði sem skráð eru í borginni þinni, en þú getur aðeins vilja til að beita eða hæfur til nokkrar. Finna þá með hnitmiðaða leit.

Eftir að þú hefur framkvæmt craigslist leita, munt þú sjá a listi af opnum störf sem uppfylla leitarskilyrði. Þú vilt ekki að gilda um bara hvaða starf, en þeir sem eru hið fullkomna passa. Þú getur lesið starf fyrirsagnir, en smella til að fá meiri upplýsingar. Inni, er að finna upplýsingar um fyrirtæki eða einstaklingur ráðningu, starfið stöðu, the sameiginlegur skyldustarfa, nauðsynlega starfsþjálfun, og svo framvegis. Einn þú hefur fundið starf sem þú vilt og það sem þú telur að þú uppfyllir skilyrði fyrir, þú ert tilbúinn til að sækja um.

Þegar það kemur að því að sækja um internet vinnu verkfræðinga þú finna skráð á craigslist, lesa allar leiðbeiningarnar vandlega. Ef ekki sérstakar leiðbeiningar eða upplýsingar er að finna, líta hér að neðan starf fyrirsögninni. Í smáu letri, ættir þú að sjá netfangið. Senda ný á það netfang. Hins vegar, ef ákveðið forrit og halda fyrirmæli eru gefin, verður þú að fylgja þeim. Ekki eftir er einn af þeim hraða leiðir til að verða óhæfur frambjóðandi. Sumir ráða stjórnendur vilja að þú mail, fax, eða email ný. Gera það og þú munt vonandi fá símtal til að skipuleggja viðtal. Gangi þér vel!


Why invest in Mechatronics Technology future could be a smart move!


What is Mechatronics? By reading this article, if you are looking for a definition of Mechatronics or, like me, you’re interested in the latest paradigm used in teaching industrial maintenance technology curriculums. Either way, I hope you find this Mechatronics Technology article useful.

Mechatronics has become a major player in many manufacturing processes. Mechatronics is the integration of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer engineering disciplines. These branches unite and work together in planning, commissioning, operation, maintenance and repair of computer manufacturing. I believe that the study Mechatronics will increase because of high automated processes put in place in factories. Because of this increase in automated systems, it is sure to be a growing demand for skilled workers, technicians and engineers in the field of Mechatronics Technology. Therefore, a large number of engineering and engineering schools introduced a Mechatronics curriculum in the past couple of years.

A mechatronics system is “smart systems”. A smart system is a process that is monitored by sensors that feed data to a programmable logic controller, which in turn uses a program to make decisions about what actuators to activate. This is called “closed-loop” system. You can use the drive as an analogy. The brain is the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), your decisions about speed, acceleration, braking, turning, etc. the program and your eyes and ears are the sensors feeding data to the brain, which in turn uses this input data to make decisions about what actuators, legs for acceleration or braking for example, to activate.

Since the automated manufacturing process uses mechanical actuators, digital electronic sensors and PLC (basically a computer), it goes without saying that the skilled workers needed to operate and maintain these automated systems. Anyone who wants to work with an automated system would do well to start out by studying Mechatronics curriculum. The student must choose courses that includes training in mechanical actuators to include both pneumatic and hydraulic systems, digital electronics such as sensors and system connectivity and Programmable Logic Controllers.

Even though it is very important to learn all aspects of each Mechatronics subject areas, I believe that you can not spend too much time in the PLC area. Just about all potential employers are looking for graduates with a solid foundation in PLC’s. The program will also contain robot training, both computer based and programming a real robot. Spend some time to do a little research before picking a Mechatronics school to meet and I’m sure you’ll do well.