Is the future of Computing Lie in plastic?


With computers to evolve so fast, it can be very difficult to stay on top of what’s new and happening in the field. One day cloud computing is the next it is quantum. Latest news from Silicon Valley is silicon might just be on the way out, and plastic muscle in on the action. As reported on, version July physics world contains features on the development of plastic-based transistors and organic light-emitting display with three prominent Israeli scientists.

Marianna Khorzov and David Andelman from the School of Physics and Astronomy at Tel Aviv University, and Rafi Shikler of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Ben Gurion University, has made some exciting discoveries of plastic electronics that could completely change the face of laptops like we know them.

As far back as 1970, it was found that not all plastics are electrical insulators, but some do actually conduct electricity. It is only now, however, the utility of this discovery appear.

One of these diseases in the design and manufacture of flexible laptops. Plastic-based transistors could soon replace silicon counterparts as standard on all laptops, as they are easier and cheaper to produce. And as the plastic is flexible and malleable, it would be relatively easy to create ultra-thin, ultra-flexible laptops.

Organic light-emitting displays could also revolutionize computing, as well as the world of entertainment. Traditional methods are now used in television screens, iPods and digital watches are rigid, complex and expensive, but new organic displays, which are based on plastic electronics engineering, are flexible, consume less energy and is easier to do. Organic light-emitting displays are currently in development by some of the biggest names in electronics, including Sony and Samsung.

Another field likely to benefit from this trend is the bionic acid, where the development of sensitive, flexible materials will soon be able to repeat the skin. This marks an important breakthrough in robotics, like robots could be developed to function in situations where touch is necessary.

Khorzov, Andelman and Shikler high hopes for their discoveries. They write that they expect their new resin eventually replace silicon and metals in a variety of products. In addition, they hope that their discoveries will progress in many other scientific fields, including robotics and bionics.

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Petroleum Engineering – A Basic Introduction


Petroleum Engineering is a technical field that addresses exploration of crude oil and natural gas reserves. It is a very diverse field and also very complex and is divided into several sub-sectors such as geological, reservoir drilling, production as well as construction. The area first start with the location of mines and determine the place and dig technology for maximum recovery. For this Petroleum engineering department works closely with geologists as well as geo physicists for complete evaluation and complete extraction process.

As stated, there are several fields of specialization in Petroleum Engineering where each department has their information. Reservoir engineers along with Petro physicists and geological engineers determine what kind of drilling operation that needs to be employed. They also evaluate production rate which includes barrels cubic feet of gas that can be buried today. Another important work of this department of petroleum engineering to assess production can be expected to form the reservoir.

Next is the role of drilling engineers who have responsibility for efficient penetration for maximum recovery of oil and natural gas. A steel casing is usually cemented in the lagoon. They also take care of fluid is constantly circulated through the drill pipe. Production engineer solve the question in other departments. Their job is to implement plans to complete the well and the best production of oil and natural gas. They see the erosion that has made the belt and carried inside the lagoon, with appropriate pump technology and storage facility. Petroleum engineers also need to work with civil engineers for the construction of offshore platforms. Some of the major reservoirs of oil in the world are located in the middle of the ocean and a very sturdy platform needs to be for proper processing.

Because oil is so scarce natural existing product and demand is too high and this leads to regular research to discover new oil fields as well. Petroleum engineers along with research groups take care of this research as well. Advanced computing is widely used in petroleum engineering; The graphics are used to determine the survey. Geological computing helps to determine the cross-section balancing, installation and modeling. A graphical model of the excavation is generated with the help of geophysical computing.

Petroleum Engineering is a complex technical area and it is reported to be the highest paid engineering field. The two main areas of this engineering field are oil exploration and production and, secondly, purification and distribution. Oil is the most important economic commodity in the world today and all the changes in oil prices reflected in almost all related sectors. After excavation oil is collected in containers where cleaning is carried out, and it is transported through pipelines to large chips ships and transported to different parts of the world. Every time refined oil goes and leaves the pipeline is checked and if there is a problem afterwards it is sent back to the reservoir.


Role of Building Engineering


Building engineering is the foundation of any safe structure. Architectural and structural engineers ensure that the buildings are sound of participating in every step from the blueprint to the finished home or building. Men and women in the field are responsible for the safety of all who walk in the structure by then, and will have sound knowledge of building regulations and codes together with a creative spark.

All building plans are subject to a wide variety of provisions. Lay of the land, the average temperature, humidity, winds and other factors must be taken into account and combined with a study of existing laws and regulations to ensure that all the work is done correctly. Materials must choose to keep building up to code while providing the highest integrity and efficiency.

gas lines, plumbing and electrical wiring all aspect of the engineering phase of the building. Correct placement is important, such as material selection, hookup and safeguards that should be in place. These are some of the first set of build, and if this step is not properly carried out, the entire structure can be compromised.

Good engineers are able to creatively solve any problems that may arise due to local conditions, changing priorities and changed the blueprints. A professional can customize on the fly and still keep everything up to code. Specialist is best able to see the project through from beginning to end, and brings the expertise and professionalism of the page.

It is necessary to understand the needs of the building and requirements. Appropriate training and specialized knowledge is the answer to make the project run without a hitch. Understanding the reasons behind the placement of gas lines, plumbing, air ducts and the supporting beams can make the difference between success and failure. The structural integrity of each building depends on the understanding of basic concepts.

Every structure should be safe for people who live or work in what goes on there. In addition, rising environmental awareness has put the spotlight on greater efficiency and lower energy costs. A construction engineering seal of official blueprints raises credibility architect, and promises the best built for major reconstruction.


Car Configurator – 3D Car Software Engineering Goals display (Inside Information)


Today, the utility car configurator is well known: the Configurator is an effective tool used in the sales process and helps the client to quickly select your preferred settings, which leads him right dealers. It has an important contribution to the marketing strategy manufacturers and dealers worldwide. 3D car configurators are new, and should be built according to some quality rules.

This article describes the objectives pursued by the software engineering process 3DCar (TM), one of the first (probably the first) fully interactive 3D car configurators, a project started in 2005, at a time when even 2D configurators car was a rarity. 3DCar (TM) was displayed in public only a few days ago on YouTube

software engineering goals

  1. easy and fast use
  2. (fast application loading, destination based criteria ergonomics, color changes and 3D options are available very fast)

  3. stability
  4. (chosen technology is reliable for all target systems)

  5. maximize user interactions with the car
  6. (client establishes a strong tied to the vehicle by directly exploring the various features and work on interactive their shares)

  7. make themselves available in any way presentation
  8. (Internet, CDs / DVDs, local PC applications, touch-screen, gallery plasma screen etc)

  9. expandability, flexibility
  10. (easily add new software modules packed with new features, easy to replace the existing units with better ones, to add new 3D models that easily (and therefore cheap) as possible)

  11. maximize impact by offering higher performance (high polygon count) with lower system requirements
  12. (application runs well even on older systems – this is done by: 1) optimization of 3D models and number 2) Automatic adjustment by dropping of features with high requirements of the system to keep it running on older systems)

  13. relationships with existing sales network and also include marketing tools
  14. (capability, store customer preferences, monitoring the sales process, the direct area of ​​advertising, “tell a friend” tool etc)

At the time the project began, the technology for browser embedding was unstable, cause significant performance loss and could not sustain the high interactivity of such a complex program.

Other solutions which appeared while using a variety of techniques for embedding browser, used to show a lot of blue screen and crash the browser or the entire operating system. 3DCar uses web-starting ability (as some of the Java application to use) for use with a web browser. This ensures a very good performance and makes it display models consisting of over 1 million triangles even at 5-6 years computers.

However, new technologies constantly monitor and finally, a strong and appropriate solution seems to have appeared (more on this in a future article).


What is Residential Engineering?


Engineering is a complex area of ​​practice because many of the articles overlap or blend into each other. Residential engineering is a good example of these blurred boundaries because it is such a complex business and involves a wide range of knowledge areas, practical skills and sensitivity to customer needs in order to make successfully.

start to define

The practice of residential engineering involves taking engineering resources and apply them to work for customers that can include home buyers, homeowners, lenders , agents and contractors. This work may include a home or a large community that will include thousands of homes as well as schools, parks, and other features.

look at the examples you see Everyday

Unless you live in isolation, it is more likely than not you’ve seen projects created by these engineers. Large communities golf course, lakefront development, or even housing areas in the city center are within the purview of the experts

Some of the services they provide include the following :.

Site Selection: Before the project can begin, people who are funding it must choose the right location. This includes consideration of the surrounding areas, roadways, may be worried about plans, costs, and other factors that vary from one project to another

Surveying :. Surveying is the process that determines the exact location. and height limits and structures that will play a role in positioning infrastructure and even property lines

Architectural planning and design : While not all companies offer architectural planning, it is important part of the process where it takes into account all aspects of the project from site selection through to the living requirements. In addition, depending on where you are building it may be structural number that must be met and must be accounted for at the beginning of the project

License and rezoning :. In many areas, there are zoning restrictions that prevent residential engineering projects or license required to carry certain types of development. A residential engineer must understand the process for rezoning certain areas and get the proper license

Water :. Whether it is planning to storm water or ensure that sufficient drinking water for the people who move into development, water and planning are a major concern

Construction gift :. Residential engineers are not confined to the early stages of the project. In some cases, they also play an active part in the construction process, ensure that structures are built according to the plans.

Residential engineering is an exciting field because it is challenging and rewarding, which require a lot of knowledge and skills to create a product that will affect the lives of residents on a daily basis

However, it is worth noting that many companies do not like to work in this field for a number of reasons. so be sure to ask potential company or group if they really can really see the project in a way that meets individual customer needs in a timely manner.


Civil Engineering – Four Amazing Reasons to Become a Civil Engineer


Civil engineers are responsible for designing, building, maintaining and managing the entire process of building private and public facilities. These are pipelines, roads, highways, dams, bridges, tunnels, water treatment systems, airports and division. It is also the responsibility of these engineers to oversee the activities and performance in projects. While these professionals have a tremendous responsibility to keep, there are so many other good reasons to become an engineer.

continuous demand for engineering graduates

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were about 287,400 jobs construction and 2008. Almost half of these engineers were employed in companies that specialize in engineering, architecture and related activities. A quarter of this figure was the engineers to work in government facilities, while the rest were in construction.

One of the important benefits of having engineering job is stable and growing demand for maintenance and construction of new facilities. Therefore, there is also growing demand for civil engineering graduates to supervise projects. It is also worth mentioning that there will always be a government funded project that engineers can take if some private companies start to cut back on their own projects.

Various Job Specialization Options

The field of construction is such that there are also plenty of options for students in terms of specialization. As the official student, you can choose between different specialty areas for personal interest. The main area of ​​focus on these engineers are construction, structural engineering, water resources, geotechnical engineering and transport. Aside from working in the field, a man with engineering degree can choose to have the management or work as researchers and teachers.

Rapid Growth Engineering Industry

The demand for people who graduated from engineering schools is not only stable, but is actually increasing. Due to the steady increase in public employment in the infrastructure and construction industry in particular, engineering is not just a stable job, but a rapidly growing one as well.

Civil Engineers Receive competitive salaries

It is not difficult to imagine how the demand for this job affects salary engineer. Of course, as the importance of the profession salary increases range and it comes with also goes up. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics found that a person who has a bachelor’s degree in this type of engineering has the potential to earn at least $ 52,048 a year. This salary average is considered among the highest ones of all college degrees.

Before you choose to take up the construction of the university, it is important that you consider first if you really have what it takes to be a successful engineer. While the benefits of having this job are simply irresistible, the process of becoming an engineer is not easy and simple. But with the right resources and the right choice of engine school, you will definitely achieve your goal of becoming a famous and well-engineered.


History of the Computer – The Bootstrap


In previous articles in the history of the Computer series we discussed machine code, applications, and memories. We also mentioned that many types of memory are volatile, that is, if we remove power, the memory loses it’s data. So how did the data in your computer right now there? Is this like the Big Bang Theory of the universe? Did it just appear? If you have ever had to reload the operating system, as well as all the other programs you use, you know it is not a simple task to get it onto the disk! After that you need to get it into memory – every time you ‘boot’

What is meant by starting !? Old teacher my first computer engineering course my called it “boot binary loader. There is a hint! The term is said to have originated from fictitious tales of a German character you may have heard of, Baron von Munchhausen.

exploits His was serialized in comic strips and the like, along with Dick Tracey etc. One famous story, he rode Cannonball and decide that it was not such a good idea, divide the enemy side go in the opposite direction, to return to his side.

The outrageous story that we’re concerned about here refers to the time when he fell into the swamp, but was able to save himself by pulling himself out of his hair. Newer versions of this story had him lifted its own bootstraps his. This issue “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps devices” was a common one. It meant to get you out of your own problems.

All this does not have much to do with computers, but it describes how they start!

Early digital computers were loaded from paper tape or punch cards, later magnetic tape, and then disk. You may know that before Windows was DOS, which refers to Disk-based operating system.

The mainframe computer is the operating system that acts as an interface between the machine and the user. This OS is variously known as’ Exec ‘(Executive) or “MCP” (Master Control Program) etc. dependent on their computer systems in use. (New employees were surprised to learn that they had to “start the exec every morning’? – A high CEO turnover). This is roughly the Windows or Linux operating system on your computer.

The OS handles all input from users, allocates time slices and prioritizes jobs, manage print jobs, allocates mass storage, etc. When you talk to your computer, it only hears what the OS tells it! The OS can talk to the computer in its own language. So the OS must be capable of loading itself from a disk or tape memory.

To do this, we have a system where a block of data known as a “boot block”, and is located in the very first block of paper tape, or tape, or address 00 on the disk is read into mention the zero forward. This ‘boot command’ is usually a Read instruction from address 00 on device 00.

The data in the boot block, loads the necessary buffer areas to handle I / O data transfer in the ‘reserved’ area of ​​memory etc. ., prepared for communication with the boot device, for example, the disk contains the OS. Having set up all the necessary buffers, the computer reads and executes instructions from 00 onwards. These instructions, just loaded from the disk boot block, finish the setup process.

A final instruction from the boot block read command to the disk to load the rest of the data for the OS. This data is displayed on the boot block data in memory with the proper documentation required to run the system. When the data is loaded OS can start operations.

It will initialize all subsystems, and check what resources are available. It needs to know how much memory, the data is available on the mass storage, what network resources are available , etc. To do this, it may refer to the previous settings, it compares them what you can see now. Also, the ‘clean’ boot check what resources it has and works.


How to Secure Engineering Job


The engineer excels in solving everyday problems with their professional knowledge and application of scientific knowledge. Engineering jobs require that both – (a) professional expertise shown through authorized degree / diploma; and (b) a scientific attitude to solve problems.

fulfill these two conditions is not an easy task. It requires years of usage and loyalty. Engineering jobs can be broadly divided according to the nature of the transaction. Some of the prominent categories, computer, industrial, communications, electronics, instrumentation engineering, etc. However, each store has several specialization. The nature of all engineering jobs within the engineering business does not like.

But all the jobs within the business possesses a common body of knowledge. For example, computer engineering business offers some jobs, such as software programmers, hardware, software, enterprise software analyst, and network engineer, etc. While every job is different and individual involved in the programming software can not claim to be adept at making software business analysis; they draw on the same body of knowledge -. Computer

Working in engineering job requires excellent numerical aptitude. Regardless of the chosen business, all engineers need to demonstrate a high degree of comfort in taking statistics that must be crushed to accomplish routine tasks at work. Engineering jobs also require a solution-oriented approach. This is significantly different from the methods used by scientists working in pure research environment. Engineers need to solve problems efficiently and economically.

Engineering jobs are posted on both websites dedicated work and general job sites. Aspirants should choose to put their resumes in one or both categories by the nature of that interest them. Categories niche job as a nuclear engineering positions are not advertised on general job sites. However, the ubiquitous engineering jobs such as manufacturing or software programming jobs posted frequently on public websites.

There are several steps that the aspirant can undertake to increase the chances of securing a desired engineering role. It starts with getting a proper education. Enroll in engineering colleges and earning charter A professional engineer is the first step. Next, aspirants to try to plug the gap between the university and the company’s requirements by earning a professional certificate from a recognized professional organizations engineering. Finally, aspirants should talk to experienced engineers in their chosen field and try to understand what the job entails on a day to day basis.


Marine Engineering


branch of engineering that deals with the design, manufacture and methods of operation of ships and equipment items that are used for ship travel is called Marine Engineering. This article engineering also discussed the construction of ships as well as maintenance of ships and also other ships.

Usually machinists oversee the crew involved in the operation of machinery. They will check whether all motors are functioning very well, steam engines, the propulsive machines and all other machines are working well. They increase their efforts to improve the efficiency of turbines, particularly gas turbines, steam is the ship.

A lot of new technologies being developed in the field of mechanics. Some of them are Magneto hydrodynamics and fuel cells etc. You can get a great career in case if you work in these areas where good research and development is going on. You can also get a lot of the central and state government jobs

Scope :.

Recently, marine engineering is becoming more popular in many countries, especially India. A lot of students are becoming increasingly attracted to this branch of engineering that is very advanced. The people who love sailing in the sea, get a great opportunity to take this article the engineering process. Scope of people who take this engineering as their career is very high and they have career options and the beach. A lot of job opportunities are available in the area of ​​Merchant Navy, Indian Navy and in many sectors of production producing ship equipment and machinery.


Top Engineering Colleges in Mumbai


Mumbai is one of the most exciting and great city in India. It is the financial and commercial capital of India. It is one of the most favorable destinations education. Students from all over the world come to Mumbai to study as some of the best and well-known organizations are located in Mumbai.

Mumbai is a city that is actively growing in every aspect. With industrial development, there are so many jobs for worthy candidates. So it is very easy for students to get their dream job here when they finish their degree.

There are so many well known Engineering Colleges in Mumbai where students can enroll themselves for a very successful and rewarding jobs. There are some Top Colleges in Mumbai that are world renowned for the quality of their education. There are also some colleges that are not so famous. One should always check only Top College to gain an edge over the other

Below are listed some of the top colleges in Mumbai .:

1 Dwarkadas J. SANGHVI College

2- MH saboor Siddi K College

3- Thodomal Shaham Engineering College

4- Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College

5- Watumul Institute of Electrical and computer technology

6- Annasaheb Chudaman Patil College

7- KJ Somaiya College

8- PADMB. Vasantdada Patil Pratishthan College

9- Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Tech

10- Atharva College

11- College Mahatma Gandhi delegation

12- Polytechnic Manohar Pahalke Memorial Foundation

13- Jawahar Education community Annasaheb Chudaman Patil College

14- Mumbai University

15- Watemull Institute of Electrical Engineering

16 VPK Mandal College

17- Rizvi College

18- Pratistha College

19- National Institute of Industrial Engineering

20 St Francis Institute of Technology

Having an engineering degree is the ticket to a rewarding and successful career. It not only helps you achieve your career goals, but also improve the overall personality and leadership skills is beyond your career.