Engineering boundary conditions and external boundaries Literary source


One of problem solving methods we were taught in the engineering school was set boundary conditions. Before solving the core problems, students were taught to define the system by either know or based on their behavior on the outer limits of. I’ve found that you can do the same when you create literature. Different writers are comfortable with different boundary conditions, different limits, different edge-of-the-envelope.

Two literary techniques that I use to push the boundary conditions of my writing are the literary cubism and absurdism. Literary Cubism gives me permission to explore the outer limits of literature by dimension structure. Rather than narrative, I have used e-mail, legal documents, handwritten notes and poems to advance the story and define the characters. There is nothing that keeps me from using the structure of the play, haiku, grocery list, or Doodle some to achieve the same end … and in fact, I have my latest works.

absurdism gives me permission to dip my toes into the outer limits of literature along the dimension assumption. Can they capture the Lord our God and put him on trial? Sure. Not extraterrestrial intelligences co-exist with us in case we can not recognize and therefore, do not experience and all this can be happening right next to us at this moment? Yes.

I encourage other writers my pressing edge in all, certainly in literary efforts. Edges set the tone. Edges dictate what is allowed and possible. The edges are a melting pot creation.