Car Configurator – 3D Car Software Engineering Goals display (Inside Information)


Today, the utility car configurator is well known: the Configurator is an effective tool used in the sales process and helps the client to quickly select your preferred settings, which leads him right dealers. It has an important contribution to the marketing strategy manufacturers and dealers worldwide. 3D car configurators are new, and should be built according to some quality rules.

This article describes the objectives pursued by the software engineering process 3DCar (TM), one of the first (probably the first) fully interactive 3D car configurators, a project started in 2005, at a time when even 2D configurators car was a rarity. 3DCar (TM) was displayed in public only a few days ago on YouTube

software engineering goals

  1. easy and fast use
  2. (fast application loading, destination based criteria ergonomics, color changes and 3D options are available very fast)

  3. stability
  4. (chosen technology is reliable for all target systems)

  5. maximize user interactions with the car
  6. (client establishes a strong tied to the vehicle by directly exploring the various features and work on interactive their shares)

  7. make themselves available in any way presentation
  8. (Internet, CDs / DVDs, local PC applications, touch-screen, gallery plasma screen etc)

  9. expandability, flexibility
  10. (easily add new software modules packed with new features, easy to replace the existing units with better ones, to add new 3D models that easily (and therefore cheap) as possible)

  11. maximize impact by offering higher performance (high polygon count) with lower system requirements
  12. (application runs well even on older systems – this is done by: 1) optimization of 3D models and number 2) Automatic adjustment by dropping of features with high requirements of the system to keep it running on older systems)

  13. relationships with existing sales network and also include marketing tools
  14. (capability, store customer preferences, monitoring the sales process, the direct area of ​​advertising, “tell a friend” tool etc)

At the time the project began, the technology for browser embedding was unstable, cause significant performance loss and could not sustain the high interactivity of such a complex program.

Other solutions which appeared while using a variety of techniques for embedding browser, used to show a lot of blue screen and crash the browser or the entire operating system. 3DCar uses web-starting ability (as some of the Java application to use) for use with a web browser. This ensures a very good performance and makes it display models consisting of over 1 million triangles even at 5-6 years computers.

However, new technologies constantly monitor and finally, a strong and appropriate solution seems to have appeared (more on this in a future article).