Computer Engineering Vs Computer Science


computer engineering, as the name suggests, is related engineering systems hardware. It includes the design of computer hardware and devices. It is derived from scientific computing so that it is the application of computing science principles.It also are some principles of electrical engineering. In short, engineering based on the laws of computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics and physics.

main subjects dealt in this engineering includes display engineering, multimedia calculations image and speech processing, network, pattern recognition, computer perception and sensors, VLSI systems, robots, computer architecture, etc.

Display engineers covers the display system processes. Multimedia computing include the management of all kinds of data such as text data, audio, voice or sound, images, animation, video and more. It includes encryption, encryption and decoding, etc. Image and speech processing methods are used to deal with the processing of multimedia safely. Network of computers is a vast area that takes care of all network functions, such as a combination of network modules, establish relationships, configure them, start the communication and data transfer, and so on. It is also designing and implementing massive distributed computing network includes LAN, MAN and WAN. Pattern recognition and computer sensors are used for information security. Robotics is a practical application of artificial intelligence. Very Large Scale Integrated systems research designing microelectronic components devices. Architecture from those responsible for the design of hardware and software for optimal performance.

Continue with our engineering computer vs computer science, we are now going to go into science, which in turn is the study of methods, rules and laws on the handling of information. It is also recommended theories on designing and implementing them. Science subject leads to material engineering.

main subjects covered are computer artificial intelligence, computer architecture, software systems, numerical methods, algorithms, theory calculations, computer graphics, network protocols, databases, operating systems, simulation and modeling parallel calculations and software engineering.

Artificial intelligence is an area that is concerned with intelligent behavior in machines or software. Computer architecture explains the science behind the design and construction of computer hardware and software for effective and efficient work. Software deal with programming, programming environments, operating systems, interpreters, collector, etc. Algorithm theory calculations are used to develop applications that produce effective, efficient and best performing and resolve computer problems. Finally, we can say that computer science is a subject that is mostly studied by scientists but on the other hand, computer engineering is a subject that is studied by engineers.


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